Гимли (gimli_m) wrote,

да, кстати, а ведь мы нанимаем на работу

Интересно, пожалуй, только тем кто уже в США или очень лёгок на подъём.

Job-related: it looks like we have six positions open, split between Data Science and High-Performance Computing, at Geisinger Health System.

1. Full-time (PhD level) researcher in mathematics/computer science.
2. Full-time scientific programmer (almost hired, but still open)
3. Full-time programmer, position split between: high-performance computing specialist / data broker
4. Full-time programmer for high-performance computing.

5. Postdoc, supported for one year: text analysis
6. Postdoc, supported for two years: graph analysis (study of medical data represented as graphs).

I don't have full information on #4 and #5 yet, it is not exactly in my chain-of-command, but still, contact me.

Good news: this is in data science for healthcare; all leaders of computer science/informatics are now interested in healthcare applications. And yet almost the only way to get practical experience with non-trivial aspects of medical data is to work with it directly, inside a hospital. To our knowledge, you will not get this experience on the outside, ever.

More good news: Geisinger is a major hospital system with ~1 bln. revenue, millions of patients. And yet the command structure in Data Science is pretty flat, we report directly to Chief Data Officer. This allows newcomers to define their own projects and pursue scientific/academic interests.

Controversial news: the location is Danville, PA. It is not terribly far from big cities (2.5 hours to Philadelphia, 2.5 hours to New York, 1 hour to State College, 4 hours to Pittsburgh).


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