Гимли (gimli_m) wrote,

А вот это я, кажется, не публиковал. Как-то постеснялся - всё-таки не свежие тексты, а перевод старых, сделанный на коленке. А меж тем я с ними на круге бардов выиграл мешочек рубинов.

It’s the same old bull, in fact, the bull is white
His mating bellows sound through the night,
His heavy footfalls scare the most brave
And in his honor, we shall paint the cave.

We lit the wood, but greater flame within
Is for the Bear and Venus figurine,
May our father never watch us die
May our mother feed us from the sky

If that is meager, you will find much more
Beyond the rainbow, on the other shore.

To search for truths of complicated kind
Start out the blind ones, following the blind,
To find, by touch, the limit of all things.
Jesters and maidens drowned. Survived the kings.

We danced with flowers after the great flood
To please the goddess who drinks human blood
My words forbidden, I must weep and walk
To raise her spear at the Council Rock.

If disappointed at the walls of Troy.
Go win the war with titans, dear boy.

Tired, lost in states of quarrel and discord
We reached for wisdoms of the written word:
If joys are random, and the stars unkind,
Do gods of body rule the gods of mind?

We dreamt of islands in an endless sea,
We built the prisons to set mortals free,
And, naturally, all the towers fell
A strangers’ way would be to dig a well.

If you now think that all the pride is vain,
Turn back the pages, you must read again.

A tree of leaves replaced the book of song,
Ancestral beasts has taught us to be strong,
Women – how to belong, girls – how to play
This brings us back to homes of forest fey.

They live forever, they select no lot,
And quietly recite what we forgot:
One may bleed amber, wield a hallowed blade
His laws are made, and they can be unmade.

Afraid of omens, wanting to be blessed?
Sit down, good pilgrim, wait with all the rest.

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